Panex Canada Corporation and affiliates are private family-owned and operated Canadian companies with 25+ years of experience as a leading international distributor and exporter of the finest Original Canadian™ Steeves Brand and other superior quality maple syrup products primarily from the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which have been praised as the best tasting Canadian maple syrup. We also supply syrups from Quebec.

Our diverse range of all natural and bio/organic superior quality maple syrup products are marketed to many countries worldwide in various segments of the food industry including international distributors of specialty and natural foods and primary manufacturers within the packaged goods, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy, beverage, bakery, and confectionary sectors. Apart from traditional Original Canadian™ Steeves Brand maple syrups, we market various other all-natural low-calorie flavored/infused syrups including Strawberry, Cranberry, Blueberry, Honey and other pure maple products. While our all Natural Original Canadian™ Maple Taste BBQ Sauce and Vinaigrette Salad Dressing form a significant portion of our export sales volume, our most popular syrup, the 100% Natural Original Canadian™ Maple Taste Syrup beats them all.

This best-selling product has been hailed as a “breakthrough in maple syrup field” by the Canadian Baker’s Journal and other media. It contains no preservatives or any additives and can be considered as an entirely new category of maple syrup. This unique 100% Natural Original Canadian™ Maple Taste Syrup, in contrast to other pure maple syrups, always has the same great taste, uniform texture, color, and consistency, and it can be produced throughout the year at a significantly lower cost. It is these savings and health benefits that we would like to pass along to you.

We offer a complete line of packaging formats from 50 ml to any bulk size and can offer any kinds of containers from glass or tin to Earthen type jugs with our labels or with your private labels. Just picture “your brand name” on the labels. At Panex, our top priority is to deliver the highest quality maple syrup products to our customers. Our reputation for excellence is something we continue to earn every day through our commitment to making your experience with us the best that it can be. We promise to provide outstanding product quality at competitive prices and that we will be responsive and keep you informed at every step. If you are interested in our superior products or have/sell any other product that we can match up or assist with please feel free to contact us.


Panex Canada Corporation is a Member of the International Trade Council ITC